Planter Drain off

Planter Drain Off

Patio and Wooden Deck Saver also helps eliminate West Nile virus!

About Our Product

How It's Made

DRAIN-OFF patio protectors have a concave bottom that force excess drain water to the inside perimeter of the tray where the water drains out through a 1/2 inch round drain spout.
The spout extends outward from the outside bottom edge of the tray where a nylon tube is attached to carry drip water to a flowerbed or yard area, leaving patio surfaces clean and dry.
This product is mold injected and made of polyurethane for strength and durability. Drip tray holds 175 lbs. of weight

How It Works

Inside the round saucer are three raised ridges in a pie-shaped arrangement. The ridges are elevated in height extending from the center of the drip tray to near the inside wall of the tray.
The ridges are left away from the inside wall to assure that drip water reaches the drain spout.
Additionally, the raised ridges keep smaller pots, ones that sit inside the drip tray, elevated above the concave bottom to keep the pot from resting on the high center of the tray.